Premier Protein Shakes 2022 – Why Is Premier Protein Recalled?

This article focuses on the Premier Protein Shakes of 2022 and provides further information.

Did you be aware the fact that Lyons Magnus, a food service company , has issued a notice recalling 53 beverages? The company is located within the United States and operates throughout Canada. This includes more than 50 shakes of protein and nutrition that have been removed from store shelves.

The announcement has caused an uproar across the nation as people want to know what drove the sudden change. To make sure that the public is kept people informed we decided to conduct a thorough research deep into the Premier Protein Shakes of 2022 and present specific information on the same.

What is the reason why Premier Protein trending?

According to sources from according to sources, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an alert for Lyons Magnus LLP, a company that manufactures food. They were asked immediately to recall their 53 products that were subject to microbial contamination.

As of this moment there are 53 protein drinks and nutrition shakes were recalls due to an infections caused from Cronobacter Sakazakii, which is a kind of microbe. While infections caused by microorganisms are not common however, the FDA has issued a directive for to conduct the Prime Protein recall to ensure there is no threat to the protection of the product. The sections below provide further information on the latest news and provide more specific information.

Overview and gist the Lyons Magnus

  • Lyons Magnus is a food manufacturing company that offers drinks and food items.
  • They include a variety of sauces, juices, toppings and frozen desserts, as well as items made from culture.
  • They are among the top producers of drinks, fruits, and other cocoa-based products globally as well as domestically.
  • In addition, they possess an overall experience of more than 150 years of industry experience.

The Premier Protein Shakes 2022 A thorough review of the latest new developments

The FDA has identified a possible Microbial infection caused by an organism known as Cronobacter sakazakii. However, as per the studies, infections caused by the organism are rare and not common those who contract the infection may be weakened in their immune system and also vulnerable.

In the report published by the FDA they have highlighted that the initial root causes analysis was that was not conforming to the commercial sterility and requirements for the product. In addition the FDA has further instructed that those who have the Premier Protein Recall products must eliminate the items immediately in the event of a return to the retailer or where they were purchased.

The items that were distributed and then recalled comprised items that were marketed with the names Glucerna, Aloha, MRE Protein Shakes Oatly, Intelligentsia, and Pirq. In addition, when it comes to Microbial infections, symptoms vary from fever, vomiting and nausea, to urinary tract infections. But, there have been no illnesses or complaints that have been reported to date.

Final Conclusive

It should be noted that all information on this site comes from the internet We do not make any claim to any specifics. Based on research, the company claims that it has not received any complaints about the possibility of illness in any of the Prime Protein Shakes 2022 as well as other products that are recalled. In addition, consumers can connect to their local Lyons Recall support centre by calling 1-800-627-0557 or by visiting the website. Find out more about the company here,

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