Prime Scam Bitcode {Aug 2022} Explore Its Pros And Cons

The article Prime Scam Bitcode details the working and true natures of emerging trading platforms along with their pros and cons.

Are you looking to invest in cryptocurrencies? Do you know that cryptocurrency could become our future currency? A crypt robot has been introduced by a platform in the United Kingdom due to the volatility of cryptocurrency. It means that robots will handle the trading for the users. However, there are rumors concerning the Prime Scam Bitcode

Bitcode prime

It is a cutting edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to coordinate the creation of crypto robots to aid people in crypto trading. These robots are autonomous and can function without human intervention. Some have claimed this trading platform to be a fraud and provided some reasons why.

  • Each activity with crypto robots will require a broker. One customer shared the fact that the background of the broker was based in Belize. Criminals use this place as a tax haven.
  • Advertising that uses fake celebrity endorsements or sponsorships is not a good idea.
  • Each customer was required by this platform to deposit 250 Euros.

Prime Scam Bitcode

Some users have problems withdrawing their earnings, while others are not informed of the trade’s returns. Some users believe that the design and logo of this website are taken from another prime bitcoin website. A lot of false information circulated saying that the platform will generate 1000 euro per day.

However, although the financial officers believe that this platform is legit, some people are misusing it for personal gain, such as spreading fake articles and news. Their trading platform seems legitimate. However, they have been circulating fake endorsements on the internet.

Prime Scam Bitcode technology achieved an 85 percent success rate by balancing volatile crypto markets. It is powered by trade signals sent by robots. The trading platform’s main purpose is to profit for customers. The unstable market will cause customers to quickly lose their funds. Crypto robots, however, will closely analyze the trends before trading the currencies. They will also suggest viable investments.

Brokers won’t be charged any commissions, and users will have the ability to withdraw their money and keep it in their account. The platform can trade various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Pros and cons

This is an analysis of Prime Scam technology.


  • Automatic trading of 7 popular cryptocurrency
  • Easy withdrawal of money within 24 hours
  • First, users can try the demo account.
  • The trading occurs 24×7.


  • This trading platform doesn’t have a mobile application.
  • To trade, you must deposit 250 Euros


Bitcode prime examines the volatile nature of the world. It will not look at a single country. We cannot blindly trust the platform.

It is recommended only to those with prior knowledge in crypto currencies. We are unsure if this Prime Scam scam bitcode is legit, as it’s a newcomer to trading.

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