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We’ve provided detailed information about the website products as well as their genuinity, in this Qualuxe reviews article. Stay connected for all the latest details.

Are you crazy for shopping online? Are you looking for a site that allows women to shop online? If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place. This website was created in the United States.

In this article Qualuxe Reviews, we will discuss all the details of the products on this online shopping site and their genuinity. Follow this link to find out more information about this online shopping portal.

What is Qualuxe.com?

This shopping website was created for women who want to shop for the most fashionable and trendiest clothes. This online portal offers amazing clothes and accessories, such as normal jackets (leather jackets), leather jumpsuits (denim jumpsuits), handbags; skirts; high boots; sandals; summer dresses; and many other products. The clothes are beautiful and well made. Before you decide to buy their products, however, you need to know Does Qualuxe Legit.

  • Domain URL: qua-luxe.com
  • Website registration date:This web site was registered on 02/03/2022.
  • The expiry time of the domain name:The domain will expire on 02/03/2023.
  • Phone number:
  • Address to the company:P.za Parmigiani. 13 San Angelica. Milan is the address.
  • Shipping Policy There are no data related to shipping policy.
  • Free Delivery:It doesn’t mention any free delivery service.
  • Website developer name It has not given the name of the developer as per Qualuxe reviews.
  • Shipping ExpressThere is currently no shipping express policy.
  • Social media presence The web portal has no logo for social media.
  • Payment methods:It offers many payment options such as American Express and Apple pay, Master Card or Visa, etc.
  • Order return policies:It provides a 30-day return policy.

The Merits of Qua-luxe.com

  • It offers many payment methods through its website.
  • It has given their Email address to contact.

Demerits on qua–luxe.com:

  • The website did not give their contact phone number.
  • It isn’t available on any social networking site.
  • It has not established a shipping policy.

Is Qualuxe Legit Or a Scam

The website features luxurious, stylish and beautiful products for women. You must verify the authenticity of their website before you visit it. To judge the credibility of a website’s authenticity, here are some things you can do:

  • Registration to the Web portal The registration deadline for the website was 02/03/2022
  • Points Of Trust:It only has a terrible trust score of 1%.
  • Discount policy This company offers discounts on their products.
  • Duplicate contents: This website contains 66% of the same content.
  • Company’s address is Per Qualuxe reviewsP.za Parmigiani. 13 San Angelica Milan.
  • Alexa Ranking: The Alexa rank of this website is #920977.
  • Social Media:The website does not have a logo.
  • The exchange policy for goods:It offers a service of exchanging its products.
  • Methods to cancel an order:There is no data on the cancellation policy.
  • Terms and Policy: There is a variety of policy pages available on its website.
  • The Refund Policy: It covers a customer’s correct payment method and a refund.

Qualuxe Reviews:

You can read customer reviews on the website’s homepage. The Alexa rank on the site is #920977. They are not active on social media. There are no reviews and no online reviews for their products.


The website is not very active on the online marketplace. This website has received very few visitors. The web portal has a trust score. The website does not feature a social media logo. There are no reviews available on social networks and websites, according to Qualuxe Comments.

This is a fraud site. We recommend buyers to be cautious.

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