Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch – Explore all Info About Error

Get exclusive details and information about the Que ESRf Token Match error regarding MIArgentina.

Did you know that on July 16th-2022, the Government of Argentina launched an open website that allowed citizens to update their information and register for subsidies for gas services. If you are a citizen who is eligible for Universal Child Allowance (or Empower Work), Progresar, or other social programs, you must register on MIArgentina’s website (or) app.

However, citizens are experiencing technical problems with the website that displays the error message Que Es Csrf token Mismatch.

About CSRF token Error:

Any internet browser will automatically assign a Cross-Site Forgery Token (CSRF). The CSRF token acts as a security measure that identifies spoofing attempts while user login is taking place.

Secondly the CSRF error message will be triggered if you web browser is unable to create secured cookies for a particular website. In this example, the MIArgentina Website.

A third message appears if your web browser created secure cookies but the site cannot access those cookies.

Que Significa Csrf token Mismatch can be attributed to third-party privacy extensions. This privacy extension prevents websites from accessing the cookies of the user’s devices. CSRF error also occurs when you use the options to block advertisements and web page scripts.

What’s the trick?

Cookies are files that contain specific user data. These cookies store user IDs, passwords, and username in an encrypted format. These cookies are used to enable you to login automatically each time you visit the same site again.

Cookies are useful because you don’t have to enter your user ID, password, user name, address details and sometimes payment details again. Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch is encrypted and saved securely for authorized websites.

The cookies must be saved securely and not allowed to access by websites. This can lead to data leakage.

A Simple Resolution:

In most cases, CSRF error is automatically fixed if the web page is refreshed multiple times. This results in the web browser allocating an automatic token to the website.

If you are still having problems, clear your web browser history.

Resolving Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch:

  • You can go to settings for any web browser.
  • The privacy tab/section can be accessed in the settings.
  • Click on Clear Cookies/Browser Data.
  • You have the option of deleting data after a specified time but it is highly recommended that you erase all cookies.


MIArgentina website users experienced confusion due to the CSRF error. You can also download the MIArgentina Mobile App from Google Play and Apple Store to register for subsidies. People unfamiliar with computers can apply in person to the ANSES Office by making an appointment at the nearest Comprehensive Care Unit.

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