Raheel Georgia – Know More About Incident

In this article, we’ll examine an incident in which the man Raheel Georgia, was shot dead by his wife. He will attempt to learn more about them.

Have you heard about someone known as Raheel Ahmed? Did you know that he murdered his wife, before committing suicide?

Sania Khan, a seasoned photographer, was killed on Monday night at her Streeterville home within the United States. The estranged husband of her, the suspected shooter Raheel Ahmed, who later took his own life. The police discovered Khan killed and Ahmed wounded when they arrived. The incident happened in the 200 block of East Ohio Street around 4:30 p.m. Check out the following article to know what you can on Raheel Georgia.

Who is Raheel Ahmed?

While there isn’t much information available on Raheel Ahmed, according to one of Sania’s closest friends they say that she and Raheel were able to break up in the winter of 2021. Many claim that they divorced, and others mention that they planned to be divorced. While there isn’t any clarity about their relationship status, it is apparent that they weren’t tighter as a couple.

Concerning the incident

According to sources in the police, Raheel journeyed from his home in Georgia and shot dead his wife who was estranged from him at her residence in Streeterville in the afternoon of Monday, the following day, Raheel Ahmed Georgia used the gun on himself while cops tried to gain entry.

At around 4:45 p.m. Officers were summoned at the intersection of 200 East Ohio Street when Alpharetta, Georgia, police allowed to investigate Raheel Ahmed 36, who was being monitored for health. According to his family members they believe he was missing from the Atlanta area where he was living. According to the investigation the Alpharetta police officer alerted Chicago authorities that the couple, namely Sania Khan, 29, were going through divorce. Raheel came to the rescue to save the marriage since his mood was depressed and unhappy.

Raheel Georgia Travel From Chicago to Georgia:

As previously mentioned, Raheel was reported missing by family members and they’ve also reported the same issue to officers. Police have stated that he appeared to have fled for Chicago along with the ex-wife. However, he was discovered in a condo along with the wife’s body.

Police surrounded Raheel and found him with the gun in his hand at the time. He shot the weapon at his head while police attempted to lock him and gain entry into the condominium. The police arrived about 4.30 pm after they heard reports of the gunshot.

Did Raheel Shoot himself?

More details are being added about Raheel Ahmed Georgia who was shot at his head while police attempted to gain entry into the house. He was shot in the head, and was taken to the hospital nearby. He had a 9mm firearm and was also discovered with suicide notes. Raheel was also, thus dead as a result of this.


This article have discussed Raheel Ahmed, as well as Sania Khan, whom were killed by the police. We also discussed the details of the incident is well-known. We also looked at what police discovered.

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