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This Richard Cromwell Angela Lansbury post will provide information to our users about Richard as well as why he separated from Angela. For more information, please read the following.

Are you familiar with Angela Lansbury? Because of her portrayal as Jessica Fletcher, Dame Angela Lansbury was one of Britain’s most beloved exports. She has a career in show business that spans more than seven decades. She achieved a high point with Murder She Wrote, her tv series win. He is a well-known Worldwide actor. Angela Lansbury was 19 when she married Richard Cromwell. However, they filed for divorce a year later. You can read the entire post to learn more about Richard Cromwell Angela Lansbury.

Richard Cromwell: Who is he?

Their age differences were 16 years when Angela Lansbury and Richard Cromwell exchanged vows at a small civil wedding in 1945. Richard and Lansbury were married soon after her playing career took off due to the success of her breakthrough photograph.

Cromwell’s first credit performance as David Kinman in 1930’s Tol’able David was in the movie Tol’able David. Richard was an actor of note at that time.

Richard Cromwell Actor, Death

Cromwell was a successful actor despite having four siblings.

Talking movies were just beginning, and Richard Cromwell was a key influencer in the early stages of Hollywood’s success. His smooth, youthful looks were a big part of Hollywood’s first decade. Cromwell was sometimes not as successful, but that is his fault. He is now seldom known. Cromwell, 50 years old, fell ill and succumbed to liver cancer on October 11, 1960. Richard Cromwell Acteur was buried at Santa Ana’s Fairhaven Memorial Park in California.

Why did Richard Cromwell and Angela Lansbury divorce?

Cromwell split with Lansbury just one year after they were married and left her a note saying, “Sorry.” “I can’t keep going.”

Cromwell wasn’t gay to Lansbury for ten years, which shocked her, but didn’t change their opinion.

Richard Cromwell Attore grew to love change and autonomy, so he turned to other forms. After leaving movies, he began to work on radio dramas and then made his Broadway debut with “So Proudly We Hail” in 1936. Angela Lansbury is known for her dedication to her family and her accomplishments in the entertainment business.


Lansbury wed Shaw nine months after her first marriage to Actor Richard Cromwell. He was eventually a Hollywood agent in London.

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