Robert Lewis VS Ken {June} Know Everything about Current Election!

The battle in Colorado District 4 would be between Robert Lewis vs Ken. Read for more information about the contestants and their candidacy.

Are you aware that within Colorado District 4 the Congressional candidates are being announced by both the Democrats and republicans? The Republican assembly has offered the surprise of Ken Buck who would be defeated in the upcoming elections by Bob Lewis in the upcoming elections. The district is largely republican , and redistricting has provided it a bigger advantage over the GOP. The citizens of this United States are enthusiastic about the outcome and will be eager to see Robert Lewis vs Ken because the battle is likely to be exciting and entertaining.

The Colorado District 4 Elections 2022

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Ken Buck is the republican candidate who has been representing in the Colorado District 4 since 2015. Ken is, in the coming elections, is expected to seek his fifth term as a representative. Ken’s current position Ken is on the Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committee. The case of Robert Lewis vs Ken Buck Colorado, Buck will be driving the majority of votes to ensure his success in dealing with major antitrust issues in the field of technology. Buck is believed to be a fiscal conservative. Buck was the leader of the GOP in Colorado. Buck was also known for his advocacy of the integrity of Colorado’s electoral system.

Bob Lewis is the Albert County republican who runs a real estate company. Bob was active in GOP political scene in the county. He has been the chairman of his local GOP during the last five years.

The election Between Robert Lewis vs Ken

Bob has stated that the constitution will be his guideline. Constitutional principles and is a constitutionalist right to the heart of the word. Bob has also said that he will vote against any funding that continues to be given from the government. Bob will also be opposed the claims of the federal funding for illegal activities and will make steps to stop the propaganda against America. Bob has also stated that he would block southern borders to illegal crossings.

Bob and Ken thus are two republican claimants and there is a third democrat candidate in the race of Robert Lewis vs Ken, Ike McCorkle who is an ex Marine and is preparing another run for Congress. Ike is expected to insist on environmental initiatives since he claims to be an environmentalist who is adamant. Veterans will be treated with respect, and affordable housing are just a few of the promises given by Ike.


Bob Lewis and Ken Buck have announced their candidacy as Ken Buck and Bob Lewis have declared themselves as Republican candidates for Colorado District 4 and their candidacy is now set by the county elections. The requirements and agendas of Ken as well as Buck are detailed in the preceding paragraphs. The candidate for the Democratic Party is also described. To learn more, read

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