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This article explores the causes of Shanquella’s sudden death.

Shanquella’s story has been in the news recently. A video of a girl beating to death by another woman was recently trending on social media. Robinson was the girl who took Robinson’s friend on a trip to Cabo.

The video has shocked people World. They are seeking justice in the case against the 25-year-old girl. See the Shanquella Robinsondetails video in this post.

Shanquella Robinson’s death.

Shanquella and her friends went to Cabo on a vacation. One video clip showed Shanquella fighting with another woman.

Although her friends say she died from alcohol poisoning (spinal cord injury and broken neck), they are not the truth. We are still waiting for autopsy reports to find out the true cause of death.

Visuals Footage

The footage shows Shanquella falling on the ground and a woman, who is allegedly one of her friends, being recorded. Robinson cannot stand because she is so drunk that the man recording it is heard asking her to fight back.

Robinson was hit and punched by the woman all day, and Robinson died within 24 hours.

Detailed Story on the incident

Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene. After her death, no information was available about Robinson. Robinson’s friends left Mexico and returned to America, leaving her body. The autopsy reports reveal that she had suffered from a back spasm, broken neck, and cracked spinal cord.

Shanquella’s family believes that Shanquella died from something horrible, and they remain unsure of the truth. They are still waiting on the cause for Shanquella’s sudden death. They have asked the family to get a private investigator in order to continue investigating the matter.

What is the trending video on ??

The video was recorded by an unknown man and shared on all social networks, including Twitter. People shared the shocking video with their friends as soon after they came across it. The video quickly became viral.

People are making fun of girls who call them friends. But they don’t tell the whole truth.

Was Shanquella Robinson’s friend on the trip?

Shanquella traveled to Cabo in Mexico to celebrate one of her friends‘ birthdays. She lost her life just 24 hours after reaching Cabo. Many believe her friend hit Shanquella and slammed her neck. This led to her death.

Others are also skeptical that she may have been intoxicated but are not aware, and this could be a plot to hurt and beat her. No one would have predicted that she would die following this incident. Robinson’s mother is in shock and demanding answers.

Shanquella Robin’s video about Pinterest

People have been flooding Instagram with their complaints and backlash against Robinson. On October 28, 2022, she flew to Mexico and died mysteriously within 24 hours.

The footage taken in Mexico from a hotel room has caused outrage among the public, who demanded that the authorities provide accurate information. Shanquella can be heard cheering her on from her so-called friends.

What was people’s reaction to Reddit?

True Crime Community started a thread on the incident. But, the post has been deleted due to technical issues. Many people asked for more information and have posted comments to the thread.

Robinson was also repeatedly beaten for 15 minutes prior to her death. Many suspect that there are more recordings which could provide additional details.


The autopsy report shows that Shanquella had fractured her neck and ribs. Additional investigation is ongoing. We await the details regarding the terrible incident.

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