Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic: Know the all details here about this incident

Shanquella Robinson Video graphic What Video Of Shanquella Was Beaten is Unveiled, Find Out Who Bruised She!

Are you familiar with Shaquille Robinson? Did you see her video viral? People from all over the world are searching for the footage on Youtube. People are also wondering what transpired to her and what the police know about the case. This article will cover all the important details regarding Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic So, please take the time to go through this article until the conclusion.

What was the matter with Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson, a 25-year old woman who was brutally killed while traveling to Mexico. Shaquille took an excursion into Mexico with her buddies to relax. But she didn’t come out alive. A few hours prior to the time of her passing, a clip was shared on social media. It was revealed an unclothed woman, identified as Shaquille was being assaulted by one of her close friends. The video was extremely brutal because Shaquille was attacked not by a stranger, but by one of her close friends. The video of Shanquella being beatensoon became viral on social media and soon people began spreading the clip. People also began to spread hatred towards their pals and claiming they ought to be taken into custody. Recently the Mexican police issued an order to imprison everyone who is friends with Shaquille.

What have the police said regarding the case?

The information is taken from online-sourced statements. The police recently announced in an official statement that they’ve been granted an arrest warrant in the case of acquaintances who were involved in the cause the cause of Shaquille Robinson’s demise. Police also stated that this was not even a fight, but a direct attack. Police said that the group intentionally injured themselves and attempted to attack Shaquille. The police further stated they were conducting procedures such as Interpol warnings and seeking expulsion from America. United States of America. According to police, the group is involved in the murder of Shaquille. In the past, police stated they didn’t have sufficient evidence to charge the individuals. But the viral video clears up the fact that group were agressing Shaquille. The police were skeptical about their friends’ claims that the cause of Shaquille’s death was due to poisoning with liquor.

What do Shaquille’s parents think about the death of their daughter?

The autopsy report showed the fact that Shaquille was being beaten. When Shaquille’s parents were questioned about the death of their daughter, they claimed that they didn’t believe every word that Shaquille’s friends stated, as they all made diverse claims. According to Shaquille’s close friends, Shaquille had liquor poisoning. But the autopsy report received, it revealed that Shaquille passed away due to injuries to her neck and her spinal cord. The autopsy report didn’t include any evidence of alcohol poisoning in Shaquille. Additionally, the video illustrates how her friends brutally attacked her. Shaquille’s family members also claimed that the maid discovered Shaquille’s body lying on the on the floor. They told her this on the following day about Shanquella Robinson video graphic. Shaquille’s mother found it suspicious and the fact that their friends didn’t even bring Shaquille to the hospital. This, which was the most shocking part.


In a nutshell We can conclude that the incident that transpired to Shaquille was a tragedy. We wish that all those responsible for her death are executed.

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