Shashl And Levels Video: Who Is Shashl And DJ Levels? Read More About Viral Video Controversy

Are you aware of the latest controversy over a video featuring Shashl as well as Levels? If not, then let’s look into the specifics of the incident to understand the whole situation. Recently, a leaked footage featuring Shashl and Levels is popular over the Internet. People were interested in knowing the content of the video about, and who were Shashl as well as Levels.

The video is popular across Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom, United States. In addition, you can learn more about Shashl and Levels video, as well as information about your personal and professional life about levels, and Shashl. Learn about the most popular video.

Video leaked of Shashl and Levels’s details

A shocking video featuring the duo of DJ level and shashl is being discussed in social media networks. In the clip both appear to be engaging in private activities that are not appropriate for the public.

When the footage went viral and became viral on the web. People are interested in knowing more about levels as well as shashl as well as what relationship they have.

Based on the clip on Viral Reddit ,it is apparent that the two are quite close to one the other. For more information on the video, check out the social media links below.

What was the DJ’s reaction in response to this video?

When he clarified the situation the levels apologized, and claimed that the leak was not intentional and occurred because his phone was stolen , and the same person also published the video. He later assured people that he’d resolve the issue as quickly as he could.

What was the opinion of Shashl on this issue?

According Shashl, the time of the release of the Tiktok video is a bit suspicious since she was looking to break off with levels. Shashl stated that the relationship between levels and her was toxic and she was the victim of verbal and physical assaults during the relationship. She was also blackmailed in the past and blamed this on levels at DJ.

Who are Shashl as well as DJ Levels?

Sources have revealed the fact that Rodger Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, also known as DJ Levels is a well-known musician producer in the business. On the other side, Ashleigh Moyo, popularly called shashl is a singer from Rn and is from Zimbabwe. The leak of the video on Telegram video has caused havoc on social media since both of them are extremely well-known to the general public.

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