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After 73 years, the death mystery surrounding Somerton man has been solved. Is it possible to find out who conducted the investigation and research that led to this horrifying mystery being solved? You can read this article for all the latest information.

Two researchers are now working together to solve this mystery, which has been unsolved since the United States. Read this article to learn more about Somerton Man Cause death.

Cause Of Death Of Somerton Man

On the beach in Somerton, a body of an unidentified man was found. Recent identification of this dead man has been made. The tensions that had been building up in the Cold War led to investigators speculating that he was a Russian spy. Because of his strong calf muscles, some thought the person might have been a dancer or was involved in smuggling.

Unidentified causes of death were not revealed by an autopsy. How Did the Somerton man Die It was not possible to give a definitive answer. After an autopsy, it was discovered that the body was suffering from an enlarged spleen and severe liver damage. Although there was speculation that it might have been poisoning, we were unable to find any evidence.

Information We Got From Mysterious Dead person.

A body was found at Somerton Beach on the 1st Dec 1948 by police. The man was well-dressed. On his collar was a cigarette. In his pocket was a Persian poem titled “Tamam Shud” which means completed. He was between 40-50. The deceased person was missing his wallet, cash and ID.

Somerton Man Mystery Solved

Based on the discovery of Professor Abbott, it is clear that the body was belonging to Carl Webb, an electrical engineer from Melbourne. Researchers rejected the idea that the body was of a spy or smuggler or a ballet dancer. He had six other siblings.

Our investigation revealed that he had been separated from Dorothy Robertson and came to South Australia to search for her. Also, investigators are looking into what happened to Dorothy Robertson following the death Carl Webb.

About the Researchers who Discovered the Identity and Cause of Death

Colleen and Derek Fitzpatrick solved the mystery of who was the dead man that was found on the beaches of 1948. Derek did it with the preserved hairs of the deceased man. He used the DNA extracted from the hair to analyze it. Colleen Fitzgerald, a US-based forensic expert, , helped Professor Abbott determine his identity.


The tireless efforts of Prof. Abbott (Colleen Fitzpatrick) allowed us to declare the identity of this person. We also discovered other information about the Somerton Man Death. We also know a little bit about the cause of the death.

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