Statesville Golf Cart Accident (June)- Check Exclusive Report!

Are you looking for more about the crash of a golf cart? Are you looking to find out how many people were hurt in the crash? If yes, this article is for you.

According to NC report, 2 people suffered fatal injuries and four others were severely injured after the car crashed into the golf cart late at late at night, on Monday at North Carolina, United States. We’ll also share all the details regarding the collision and also provide the complete report of the Statesville Golf Cart Accident.

The golfer killed in the car crash?

Winston Salem said to the troopers. A driver on the golf car, Michael Shane Marlowe, who’s 39 years old, as well as his son who is five and a half years old, was old, were dubbed”the Bentley Marlowe,” and both of their lives were tragically lost in the accident. The other four passengers in the vehicle, who were 26, 16, 13 and 2 were seriously injured when the accident occurred. They were quickly transported to a medical facility using helicopters from Charlotte. They informed their victims they’ll be there at 9:40am at Fort Dobbs road near the Dobbs drive Statesville north. They have the title of”the Golf Cart accident Statesville NC.

The troopers have said that they believe that the northern part of Statesville could have crossed that line’s centerline in the moment they were able to determine that it was the Honda agreement. It crossed the centerline and struck on the front of the golf cart facing the reverse direction. In this scenario, the golf cart may be considered to be a leisure activity for those looking to play however the vehicle is at risk which normally is a sign of an accident according to Jeffrey trooper who was in a swagger. Also, we look at the Honda driver, who has been detained for driving under the influence.

One driver who comes from Honda is in the custody of the police.

In the investigation conducted in connection with the Statesville Golf Cart Accident, the Honda driver aged 23 was identified by the name of Austin Ray Harmon from Statesville had no injuries during the incident. After the incident, the driver was taken into custody and accused of the crime that he was driving drunk at the time of the accident.

There are two criminal charges in relation to the motor vehicle. relate to the death penalty and those three charges of severe injuries criminal cause due to the automobile. It was also believed that Harmon will appear in court before the morning of Tuesday. At at the moment of this writing, the bustling B & B auto glass and mirrors were located in Statesville. We’ll look into other stories based on the sorrow of the losses that were caused by the crash.

Statesville Golf Cart Accident

The sadness of a business owner’s death, Mike Marlowe’s passing has impacted those who knew his friend who passed away. One of the closeest relatives of the family that has Marlowe, J.R white, told me that the news is shocking. They will be forever remembered by Marlowe who was always available to assist those who needed help.


In this article , we’ll provide information to the public about the Statesville car crash which resulted in the death of several people. some were badly injured and taken to the hospital via helicopter.

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