Student Aid Website Down {August 2022} What Happened!

The article mentioned above discusses the ways that President Joe Biden’s decision resulted in the student aid website being down error.

Did the website for student loans fail for some of its users today? What might be the probable causes that caused such a mess across the United States?

Find out more about the Student Aid Website down crash and the President Joe Biden’s part as well.

Probleme with FAFSA

FAFSA which stands to Federal Agency For Student Aid It is a program launched by the government , which provides grants and loans to students in college.

The site’s users on the official website have recently complained about the site not working correctly and frequently crashing, while there was an increase in traffic to the website. There were several outages reported in only one day. The program is used by millions of college students each year. It also helps secure funding.

What caused the Student Aid website going down following the announcement by the President Joe Biden announced his plan

Mr. Joe Biden earlier made an announcement that stated that he would cancel an enormous amount of 10000 USD of debt that had the borrower’s income of less than 125000 USD. This made people who owe the money curious about more information about the issue through logging into their student loans through the Federal Agency for Student Aid website. This also led to the breakdown of the website.

Following that, many users of the internet have reported problems with the operation of the website following the president’s announcement in the morning. Visitors are getting an error notice regarding the Student Aid website down which states that student aid is experiencing a large amount of traffic. they can move forward for a short time while thanking them for their patience during the same.

There was a separate webpage that offered the details of the debt relief program, which was launched through the FSA. There was a recent report of a wait minimum of 20 minutes prior to accessing the site.

Reports on social media

Social media users took to various platforms such as Twitter as well as Facebook to voice their grievances and also to share their experiences with the Student Aid website down.

For example the user handle @divyaxx posted about how the President had cancelled loans for 10000 and 20000 students at the college and the website was unable to take it. Another user who goes by the handle @biskywalt shared how he was at the edge of determining whether they were had a debt of 7000 USD or 500 USD. Numerous others similar to the above mentioned wrote about the similar.

What do you think the president Joe Biden took the right decision to cancel student loans? Share your thoughts and views about the issue.


Recently there was an student aid website down problem during the time that Mr. Joe Biden, the President of the United States made an official announcement to end student loans of those whose annual income was lower than the threshold of. This is because the FAFSA customers of the website have been complaining about problems while trying to run the same way. Please visit this link to learn more about this story.

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