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This article includes the Tennessee Primary 2022 election result and additional information. You can read more by staying tuned to the end.

Are you keeping up with what happened in Tennessee’s Primary Election? People from Tennessee United States love to see the outcome of the Election and many are cheering and encouraging their favorite candidates through social media. You’re sure to love to read Tennessee Primary2022. In this article we will discuss the Tennessee Primary election result of 2022 and who the winner was.

Who won the Republican Primary in 2022

Andy Ogles won the Republican Primary Election to the 5th Congressional District on Thursday. Andy won 37% from the five district residents. Andy had 75 supporters, volunteers and donors who attended the Franklin energetic watching party on 4th August 2022. They cheered Andy on when the new results came out. Andy Ogles was the top candidate with 36.9% of votes, Beth Harwell had 26.0% and Kurt Winstead had 22%.

Beth Harwell Tennessee

Beth Harwell Halteman (Tennessee) is a member of Tennessee’s Board of Directors. She is also known to be the formal speaker of Tennessee’s House of Representatives.

Harwell participated in the Tennessee Primary Election. With 26% of votes, she took second place. Andy Ogles was her rival for the first position. Beth Harwell refused to open her watch party for the media during her campaign. Andy Ogles sadly left her behind. She thanked her supporters and volunteers who supported her campaign for congress.

What Tennessee Primary Is it?

While many of our readers may be familiar with the Tennessee Primary, there are still questions. As we mentioned, Tennessee’s Election results just came out. But does this mean that the General Election result will be available? The answer is “No.”

A primary election is used to decide the candidates for a general electoral for political parties, or to narrow down the field. The winner in the Tennessee Primary election is determined by the largest number of votes. However, the candidate may win even if their votes total less than 50%.

Advertisement attack by Beth Harwell Tennessee

A set of advertisements appeared online on Thursday, one day before the Tennessee Primary Election 2020 outcome. Beth Harwell was a formal house speaker and had a negative ad about Andy Ogles. He was called a lobbyist by amnesty-loving RINOs, who sell out America.


This article will discuss the Tennessee primary elections and inform about the Election’s winner and result.

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