Tiffany Trump Wedding Husband: Who Is Michael Buolos? Read To Know More!

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Have you seen the news about Tiffany Trump’s union? Tiffany Trump married Michael Boulos (her long-time boyfriend in Lebanon) on November 12. People in the United States (USA) and Canada have been thrilled by the news of Tiffany’s wedding. They want to know more about Tiffany and who he is.

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What is Michael Buolos’s name and how did the news of his marriage become so popular?

Michael Buolos (a Lebanese American businessman) met Tiffany at Lindsay Lohan’s club. They began dating in 2018. The couple got married in January 2021. He comes from an elite family and will be inheriting billions through his family’s business.

Michael and Tiffany Images

One day after their wedding, images of their union went viral on social networks. Tiffany married a Lebanese bachelor and chose the location of her marriage. See the attached images for her marriage.

What Net Worth Michael is it?

Michael Buolos (a businessman) has a net worth approximately $20 Million. Although there are no public reports about the same, sources indicate the net worth.

Marriage Photos Tiffany, Michael

Tiffany married Michael Buolos her long-time lover, a Lebanese American Businessman. The couple met in Lindsay Lohan’s club, in 2018, and began dating. You can see the images of their marriage on the internet.

Who is Michael’s Parents

Michael was born and raised in Lebanon by Massad Buolos and Sarah Buolos. They are the Buolos Entrepreneurs’ chief and Michael is their heir.

Michael Buolos Age

Michael is only 25 and works as a distributor of motorbikes, power bikes and scooters in Nigeria. He was born in Houston to a well-off family and raised in Nigeria.

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We are very happy for Tiffany and Michael’s marriage news. We wish the couple all the best for their future. Read more about the details of their marriage. What are your opinions on the news? Leave a comment.

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