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Andrew Tate is also known in the United States as Top G and Cobra Tate. Andrew and his brother, Andrew Tate, make their money while they relax and sit back. You might be wondering how this is possible.

Sources claim that Tate’s brother confessed to Tate that their business was a Scam. Tate’s brother is a model who sells fake stories. Let’s examine the facts about

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How functions?

Topgcobratate’s website has restricted access. Topgcobratate is not allowed to display any content and redirects users instead to has a video where Andrew tells the viewers he can show them a simple way to make money.

The video encourages viewers join Hustler’s University2.0 program where a community made up of millionaires can guide people to make approximately $2,500 in just two weeks. Their website states that they specialize in finance, stocks, and e-commerce.

Andrew is most well-known for the combination of his names, Topgcobratate. Topgcobratate pages were unavailable for viewing, so it was impossible to view the contents of privacy terms and customer service email.

Andrew is well-known on social media as a millionaire. He was an avid kickboxer. Later, he was criticized after a bad act he did to his girlfriend during Big Brother 17. Andrew said that he and the girlfriend were filming a short video. Andrew was suspended from Twitter due to his comments on women, depression, physical torture, and others.

Andrew’s home was raided by police after they received information that a woman had been taken hostage. Andrew’s home was searched by police and found a Romanian and an American woman.

Tate’s brother owns a webcam company where models who work for them make fake calls for $4/minute. Let’s take a look at Sources say that the models make up stories about suffering to sell them, making viewers cry and get emotionally involved. One viewer gave PS20K. Please note that the information is only available on the internet. We do not support or blame anyone. features:

It is obvious that was chosen due to Cobra Tate’s immense popularity., which was to be used for the next year up until 16-June-2023 in Canada, was registered on 16 July 2022. It is three days old and has a short lifespan.

Contact Privacy Inc. has censored contact information and the identity of Topgcobratate com. Andrew is therefore not officially connected to the website. uses secured HTTPS connections with valid SSL certificates that are active for the next 7 days. hosts on two servers in the USA.

Conclusion: appears to be a fraud. The website has a terrible 1% trust score, a zero Alexa ranking, and a business ranking of 38.4%. scored 48% in threat and scam profiles, 17% in suspicion and spam profiles and 19% for malware profiles, respectively. There are no reviews of due to its recent launch. cannot be recommended.

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