Tracing Notification Scam {July} Know The All Information!

You will learn about the Tracing Notification Scam. You’ll also find out how scammers use the message to scam people.

A notification from the NHS informing you that you had been affected by Omicron has ever reached you. Did you actually open the link mentioned in that SMS?

People are receiving an NHS message online requesting vaccinations. It also includes warning alerts that you may have been in contact Omicron with, so order a test kit. This scam is being spread throughout the United Kingdom. People are now afraid. It is time to discover more about the Tracing Information Scam.

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Scam Notification.

People receive a text message from an unknown number informing them they were in touch with someone infected by the omicronvirus. You will need to purchase a test kits to confirm whether you are contaminated according to the Covid 19 protocol.

This message also includes a link below to a fake NHS business where you will be required to purchase a kit. Scammers use this information to steal money.

Tracing Notification Scam or Real.

According to both the NHS and the police authority, these guidelines are not available. This fake message is being spread by the NHS to spread the news that Covid positive individuals are being tracked and that everyone who comes in contact will be put under quarantine pending further clarification.

This message is powerful and can scam anyone. As such, the NHS advises you to be aware of the fake news and never buy any kit without checking with this link. Covid 19 medication is completely free.

Scammers Using Tracing Notification

People will pay as much as it takes to survive during covid 19, 2020. Covid 19 was the largest traumatic or disaster virus to spread globally. Coronavirus is feared in all countries. It’s easy to con people using this virus notification.

Although the disease is under control, very few cases remain. This presents a great opportunity for scammers who use this virus to scan people to purchase any specific kit and obtain personal information such bank details, PAN card information, and other information. The Tracing Notification Fraud is a scam. According to the Government all medications and coronavirus treatment will be free.


Covid 19 scam is being circulated all over the internet. You will be required to purchase a Covid-19 test kit, according to the message. This message will give you your personal details and bank details in order for them to scam.

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