Twitter Shutting Down Reddit: Is Twitter Shutting Down? Check Out This Exciting News!

This article will discuss the chaos created by the Twitter Shutting Down Reddit and related facts.

What would you do when your favorite social media platform suddenly shuts down? You would panic, want safety and be able to explain the sudden shutdown.

Everyone around the Philippines Canada, United States and the United Kingdom would like to know the reasons for Twitter’s shutdown. Read the blog for more information on Reddit is Shutting Down.

Is Twitter permanently down?

Twitter witnessed a dramatic turnover following the resignation on Thursday of a large portion of its employees. It is now that people are curious about why such a large number of employees quit Twitter. There’s an answer.

Elon Musk has announced that Twitter’s CEO will launch a vision called “Twitter 2.” Employees must work hard and for long hours in this vision. Employees are required to be strict about following these rules, or they have the option of quitting the job and receiving severance pay.

180 people quit Twitter, representing 42% of the total employees who received this ultimatum. This Reason Twitter headquarters was temporarily shut off is what it says.

The removal of such large numbers of employees raises concerns about the future maintenance and fixing of the system. Additionally, after this incident, the employee-only version of Twitter experienced slowdowns. Data suggests that Twitter’s public version is at great risk of collapsing.

What are the reactions of the people?

Twitter is closing. This concerns many people. People are sharing humor and Videos in this stressful situation.

Fawad, an ex-minister and avid Twitter user, also tweeted that it was impossible for him to imagine the world. So he asked Tesla CEO, and Twitter, to stop giving him goosebumps. Elon Musk also joined the fun tweeting over Twitter.


Twitter’s closing down news was widely reported after around 180 employees decided that they would quit their job following Elon Musk’s new directive. Even though it has not been officially confirmed , people seem to believe it.

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