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Did you realize that all OTT platforms including Netflix require taggers in order to tag the films and series they produce? A tagger’s annual salary can range from $50K to $70K. Did you know taggers have flexible hours and can work from their home anywhere globally, including United States. Netflix tagging sounds great.

Here are all details about Netflix taggers. Let’s look at Watchandtag Com Netflix.

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About is a new website, eight days old, registered on 7th-November-2022. It has a limited life expectancy and will expire within eleven months. The website was originally registered in Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Redacted For Privacy’s censorship tools hide information about the owners and contact details. does not have a domain name system (DNS) that endorses it. It is thus not accessible in many places around the world. Therefore, it is not possible to view the terms, privacy policy, customer service contact, email, or terms.

Watch & Tag Netflix Job

Netflix has its own native employees that tag Netflix series and movies. is offering a job for a Netflix tagger. Netflix doesn’t endorse for its tagging positions. Netflix has rolled out significant tagging opportunities in 2018 without the involvement or approval of any third-party. may not be providing real tagger job openings unless they are creating their own project to provide knowledge for Netflix series.’s mission is not clear. is required to register for a job with a tagger.

The legitimacy Netflix: earned a terrible 1% Trust score. Its IP addresses remained unresolved. Accordingly, it is unclear what status its SSL certificate is. Furthermore, the website only uses an HTTPS link. Secure connections are not supported due to the HTTP status and SSL status.

Conclusion: Netflix job description seems a scam because of its poor trust score. ranks zero in Alexa and has very little traffic. Netflix does not endorse Watchandtag’s outsourcing tagging job. The website is not available in many countries, and it is not registered according to Domain Name System(DNS). is not recommended for HTTP connections that aren’t SSL certified. reviews were helpful? Please comment on the article about

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