In the blog post In the post When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock we spoke about a five- and a half-minute video Smith has made available on YouTube.

Have you heard about the Will-Rock slapping scandal? Perhaps you have seen the video of this incident? The incident of slapping caused controversy and debate throughout the United StatesUnited Kingdom, and Canada and garnered criticism from around the world.

But, just a few months later, Will Smith come forward with an “It’s been a minute” …” video with the title yesterday. What’s the story behind the video that we’re going to look at in this article? In addition, we will discuss the incident in What Year Did Chris Smith Slap Rock ?

It’s been less than a minute!

On the 29th day of July, 2022, just months after the incident that slapped him, the actor Will Smith finally talked about his 29th March performance. The actor posted a near-to-5:00 minutes of video on Instagram in which he apologized to Rock his wife, mother and his family members.

Furthermore, his apologies go to Pinkett Smith, his children and friends, his fans and Oscar nominees. He expressed regret for his actions and stated, “it is not about who the hurt was and there’s no part of him who believes that this was the right choice at the moment.”

When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock?

It was on the eve of the 94th Academy Awards on 27th March 2022. Smith made his way onto the stage and hit the comedian as he was performing. It all started when Rock played a joke with his wife Jada Pinkkett Smith’s hair shaved. Jada Smith’s head has been cut off due to a spot-baldness condition, which is also called alopecia areata.

In the video of yesterday, Smith said he tried calling Chris following the incident however, the comedian did not believe it. The video shows him reading out the questions, then addresses the camera directly, and apologizes.

What is the result to this disaster?

When did Will Chris Smith Slap Rock ,he completes his documentary video without saying anything regarding the incident. In the evening, after Smith won the Best Actor award for his performance in the film King Richard He apologized to his co-stars as well as nominees and Academy but not to Rock. The next day, Rock apologizes to Rock and Academy on social media.

Additionally, Smith resigned from the Academy at the beginning of April being dismissed and was then barred from participating in Academy activities for the following 10 years starting on April 8th. The report also stated that when Chris Smith Slap Rock, and was then asked to go off the show. But, he later denied it and the claim the fact that Rock didn’t want to be removed with force.

Video description

The video posted on YouTube is now attracting more than 19 million views and 16k comments. Many users appreciate the efforts Chris Rock has put into his video. But, it’s not the users who need to be able to forgive him, rather Chris Rock. Let’s see whether Rock will accept the apology and accept his apology. Smith.


We talked about the incident at the Academy Awards event and an apology video was uploaded by Will Smith’s personal YouTube as well as Instagram accounts. What do you think? when did Will Chris Smith Slap Rock? Now you need to know.

Do you believe Chris Rock will forgive Smith? Tell us your thoughts on that incident by leaving a comments section below.

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