Who Is Charles Tiu: Get Complete Details Here Why He Is Trending?

In today’s article you will learn more about Charles Tiu. You’ll also find out why he is trending after a brawl in a Basketball tourney.

Why is Charles Tiu making headlines? What was the most recent controversy involving Charles Tiu The Inter College basketball Championship is delivering strong performances. St. Benilde lost to Jose University in a match that ended badly.

Charles Tiu, Blazers’ coach, set an example of sportsmanship World. The indiscipline of the opponent team made the match a tense affair. For more information about Charles Tiu read this article.

Get to Know Charles Tiu!

Charles was conceived on 15 July 1985. Charles is 37 and was a pro basketball player in the Philippines. He is currently a TV channel manager and a team coach for the Blazers.

He is also well-known for his one on-one tuts for NBA trick shots. Charles received a 2011 Asia Basketball Association gold medal. After a great basketball career, Charles was once again in LimeLight as a coach for the Blazers.

Charles Wiki Recent Controversy

John Amores, a University basketball player, lost his ability to think. At the time of the renaming, 3:22, Amores went insane and began to punch the player on the benches. The Blazers held a lead at 71: 51.

If the Blazers give back, then it could get very ugly. Instead, the team took a step back and separated each player. Charles Tiu (the coach of the Blazers) was proud of his team.

Charles Tiu Wiki

People are paying attention to Charles Tiu’s Wikipedia. During his interview, he mentioned that this Brawl could have been a mistake. However, he is proud to say that his team responded appropriately.

He also said that we knew we were victorious, so we decided to leave it up to the Federation. Charles felt embarrassed about this. Below are additional details about Charles.

Charles Tiu Family

Charles was born on the Philippines. Charles has two brothers and two sisters. Charles’ twin brother Christian and his sister Christine, as well as Cheryl. Christian is also a basketballer.

Christine is a social business entrepreneur and social media expert. She helps others achieve their goals. Cheryl also works in food. She is a Vegan, and she promotes vegan products.

Clarisse Ong, Charles’ wife, is also married to him. His Wife also works as an investor banker. Sari Lazaro was given her name in marriage.

She is also fashion designer. Her clothing brands in Paris and Doha are well-known. Charles and Sari have been in love for 12 years. They had been dating for 3+ years before getting married. The couple were married on 7th September 2013. The couple gave birth to two children, Amanda Claire & Mari Diana.

Charles Web Worth and More details

Charles’s networth is approximately $2.5 Million in 2022. He is a coach at College St. Benilde.

Charles completed his senior studies at Xavier School. He went on to Ateneo de Manila University.

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Final Words

Charles Tiu’s team behavior was appreciated by the Sports Federation . During physical fights, members of the blazer squad behave appropriately. Charles won by a score 71-51.

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