Why Is Better Call Saul Black And White – Know More About The Series

This article about Why It’s Better to Call Saul Black and White exposes Jimmy’s character and what is his opinion about his place in the sixth season of the show.

Is you tempted by the Black as well as White scenes from the Better Call Saul series enticing? Do you think the colors will return? A lot of Better Call Saul viewers across Canada, Australia,the United Kingdom,the United States and many other countries would like to know more about the show.

The popular television show Better Call Saul has often included episodes in black and white since the first time it airs in the year 2015. The viewers on Better Call Saul are now puzzled as to what the reason is for the episodes that are black and white Let’s discover the reason behind why Better Call Saul Black and White by reading the article below.

What year did the show have scenes in black and white?

Apart from season 6 the opening episode of each season has performed similar functions by looking into the life of Gene Takavic, Jimmy McGill’s alter-ego from Breaking Bad and providing tidbits about his new beginning at Omaha, Nebraska.

But, episode ten from Season six takes things one step further because it was shot entirely with the black-and-white. Since Jimmy is depressed and unhappy The scenes in the Episodes were shot using black-and-white.

Scenes in black and white in Better Call Saul:

Many viewers would like to know Why Is Better Call Saul in Black and White. Better Call Saul opens with an all-black and white sequence which informs viewers of Jimmy McGill’s current home acting as Saul Goodman in the wake of the events in Breaking Bad. Jimmy McGill, who was forced to flee the country in the final episode of the original series is currently living at Omaha, Nebraska, under Gene Takavic and managing a Cinnabon store there.

The majority of Better Call Saul season has been a similar storyline, with the focus on Gene Takavic’s personal life and how it differs from his previous role as a sleazy attorney for the criminal syndicate Saul Goodman.

Why is it better to call Saul in White and Black?

The eleventh episode of season 6 is all black and white in which Gene Takavic observes everything while performing his duties after being identified by the name of Saul Goodman by a sharp-eyed taxi driver.

Jimmy thinks that his new beginning is an unfulfilling, lonely and unsatisfying existence that’s why Gene Takavic’s scenes within Better Call Saul are black and white. Even though the images are all black and white it is easy to see that the ads that play in Gene’s eyes are vibrant.

Gene is looking at a video of his previous Saul Goodman Television advertisements during starting of first episode of Season 1 of Better Call Saul. It is also the reason for Why is Better Call Saul in Black and White.


Better Call Saul has been featured in the media for it’s black and white sequences. What makes Better Call Saul in Black and White? Jimmy’s lonely existence is shown in black and white throughout the show. It is believed to be that Jimmy as well as Kim (Jimmy’s partner) will eventually reunite as a couple In Better Call Saul, and Gene’s story will shift from all black and white, to becoming color-coated again thanks to Kim’s return.

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