Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends – Check Facts

A man recently realized that he does not have the friends to make him the best man for his wedding. Please read the Why So Many Men Do Not Have Real Friends post for more information.

Do you have people you can trust in difficult situations? If you answered yes, please tag them below. This is not the case for everyone. People can be very outgoing and talkative, but they may not have many friends.

People in Canada and the United States reported that they have few or no friends after reading a study. You want to know more about this study? Continue reading the Why So Many Men Do Not Have Real Friends article.

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What is the story?

Why is it that men seem to have such limited social circles? MAX DICKINS panicked when he couldn’t find the right man to marry him. This realization set the stage for a hilarious and heartfelt journey to find the answer to this age-old question.

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Max Dickins makes a great friend. He is friendly and talkative. The one thing he doesn’t have on Why Do So Many Men Not Have Real Friends (or at least not up until very recently) is any true friends.

The backstory

Dickins, 34 year old, said, “I didn’t realize that I was lonely.” He then added, “But then in 2019, and I proposed marriage to her and realized that I had no one I could invite to be the best person for me.” As he looked through his contacts, he discovered that he doesn’t have a best friend who can go out with him. But he had only his work colleagues on his list. He went through his network and realized that while he had many friends and work colleagues, he did not have close male friends.

He said that he, like so many others, no longer has any close male friends. I began to wonder, “How did that happen?”

The Study

A Harvard University study found that 61 percent of Americans ages 18 and 36% of Americans overall experience severe loneliness. Cigna Healthcare polled almost 54% Americans and found that nearly 54% agreed that “nobody really knows me well.” The situation is called Why Do So Many Men Not Have Real Friends. It gets worse the more we are alone and addicted to our phones.


A May 2021 poll found that nearly one in six American men have reported “no close friends” over the past five years.

The worldwide pandemic was preceded by most of the possible causes of our culture’s isolation. What do you think about this? Are you unsure if the study accurately depicts men’s lives? For Why So Many Men Don’t Have Real Friends, please comment below.

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