Wise County Missing Girl: Explore The All Details Inside

Would you like to find out more about the Wise County girl who is missing? Do you want to find out more about the missing girl in Wise county? You should read the entire article if you are. The news spread rapidly across the United States as the girl was discovered missing. It was then published all over the country.

This article will provide information about Wise County Missing Girl.

About the Missing Girls

A seven-year-old girl was reported missing and an amber alert was issued. Athena Strand, the girl’s name, was found in her bedroom at 5:40 pm. Her stepmother reported to county sheriff. Her mother stated that she searched for her stepdaughter approximately an hour before reporting to Sheriff’s office. Wise County Sheriff claimed that there was an argument between mother and daughter. However, it wasn’t an unusual argument. After the argument, stepmom set out to prepare dinner. She was not available.

Missing Athena Strand

According to Lane Akin (County Sheriff), Athena was last observed around 4:45 in the 200 block of County Road 3573, Paradise. The Sheriff’s office is working hard to find the girl. They are looking for every possible way to locate the girl. However, the sheriffs doubted the girl had walked off and lost her way back home. Volunteers and law enforcement are also working together to find the girl. Athena’s sister and aunt denied that Athena ran from Paradise TX.

Information about Athena’s Dress and Look

Athena was last seen wearing a gray long-sleeve shirt, white flowers, and blue jeans. Brown boots were also on her feet. She wore brown boots and had her ear pierced. Athena’s aunt says that Athena loves animals and people and is very affectionate. Continued search continues for the girl. In the search for the girl, many agencies were involved. The search continued over night. Bridgeport PD, local fire department, Texas Ranger and other agencies were all involved in the search for the Sheriff. Athena has not been seen by any Messenger.

What is the Amber Alert?

Amber Alert was issued to broadcast information about Athena’s disappearance. Her parents are supporting the County Sheriff’s search for the girl. It was also possible that someone had abducted her. The county sheriff’s offices is currently investigating the case with the assistance of other people, such as her family. Athena’s relatives claim that she had been out of the house before. So the county sheriff began looking for the Child as quickly as possible. According to the Sheriff’s office, there was a chance that the girl would be found in the night.


Everyone is worried about Athena. Athena’s disappearance is still being investigated by the County Sheriff as well as other agencies. Despite an overnight search for Athena, there is no indication of her whereabouts. Her search is being conducted by many other agencies. Did you find the article helpful? Thank you for reading the article.

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