Zeelool Glasses Reviews {Aug 2022} Is It Genuine Or Scam?

Are you looking for accurate information about Zeelool glasses reviews? This article will help you to go over and understand this website.

Do you like wearing glasses? Have ever thought about the origins of Zeelool.com? If yes, your search is over as this article will be a tour of this website and you should continue studying this piece of writing regularly.

Glasses are an essential item that is trendy in a variety of countries including those in the United States. Additionally, many people are wearing it in a way that suits their style to boost their style and build confidence. So, today, customers are looking for information regarding Zeelool.com If you’re among the majority, we recommend you read this article about Zeelool Glasses Review.

What Is Zeelool.com?

In the course of our research we found the site which claims to be committed to providing high-quality glasses to its customers. Zeelool.com offers a variety of glasses in various styles and colours to show the persona of the user. The site also stated that it approves each product after it has been examined through five quality control steps to ensure satisfaction and better service the customers.

Additionally, on the website customers could browse through a variety of eyewear for a reasonable budget, and also provide exceptional service. So, let’s go forward and look at the additional information taken from the site below to find out more in detail.

Detecting Some Specifications To Estimate Is Zeelool Glasses Legit?

  • While investigating, we observed the official URL is https://www.zeelool.com.
  • The option for newsletters can be found within the portal.
  • Flat/RM A1 11/F Winner Building 36 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, KL, Hong Kong is the address that was detected by the website.
  • The investigation revealed that on the 13th of December, 2017 the website was created and it was proclaimed to be an 8 years, 4 months, and four days old web site.
  • Zeelool.com provided a 365-day guarantee option to customers.
  • The site offers a variety of payment options, such as debit and credit card, VISA, AfterPay, etc.
  • The portal can offer refunds under certain conditions.
  • We saw the social networks hyperlinks on the site.
  • The Zeelool Glasses Review investigation revealed customer service email address. However, the site provided a number of other email addresses for different reasons.
  • The site primarily sells accessory items for the eyes, such as chains, eyeglasses, earrings, etc.
  • Zeelool.com provides a one-time repair guarantee for manufacturing flaws.
  • The site provides a variety of shipping options, such as basic, business and advanced.
  • The website claims to ship things within 7-21 business days.
  • The number to call is + (302) 090-0619, as well as it’s WhatsApp numbers are +86-18837183964. The site also offers the option of chat.

Perks Seen

  • Our survey revealed the address of the office as well as the contact details.
  • The icons are there.
  • We read many customers’ Zeelool Glasses Reviews on Trustpilot.
  • The option to receive newsletters is available.

Shortcomings Noticed Within Zeelool.com

  • The name of the founder’s founder isn’t considered when evaluating the portal.

Is Zelool.com Secured?

  • trust score We found a value of 73% when we inquired about.
  • owner’s information We did not find any indications of the site’s creator however, the website did declare an official name HongKong Zeelool Digital Technology Co., Limited.
  • Details on Rebates The study found that this site offers a variety of shopping items.
  • User Review The website has earned 4.4 Ratings on Trustpilot. Its Facebook page has mixed reviews however, it has more positive comments.
  • Real Address The address was found on a variety of other websites, causing doubt on the legitimacy of Zeelool Glasses?
  • Trust Ranking After a thorough investigation our database, we found a trustworthy 64.7/100 Trust Rank.
  • Alexa Rank Zeelool.com has gathered an amount of 89475 Alexa Rank
  • Domain Freezing Date 13-12-2022 is day of suspension for Zeelool.com
  • Policies The policies discussed look attractive and are clearly explained.
  • Social Media Connectivity Social icons are active this is a positive reason to be aware of.
  • Domain Age 13-12-2017 is the website’s date of registration which means it’s four years old, eight months, and 4 days old.

What Are Reliable Buyers’ Comments?

The study found numerous reviews on Trustpilot with 73% of the reviews were favorable. So, when we searched to find Zeelool Glasses reviews on Trustpilot We found the website achieving 4.4/5 stars. Additionally, many customers have praised the site on Facebook However, one user posted a negative feedback about it, in light of the quality of its products. Also, on Facebook it was able to get mixed reviews.

Furthermore, after conducting a survey the site, we found that the website’s only product is available on Amazon and has mixed buyer reaction.

The Bottom Line

This article gave the general review of Zelool.com and identified this online store as

Legit Based on existing Zeelool Glasses Reviews indicators. However, it is important to be aware when you are on any site.

Is this site secure to use? Write a comment below.

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